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Our customers have enjoyed the superior service delivered by H&B since 1979. Over 80% of our sales force has at least 10 years of experience and all service personnel have been with us for seven years or longer. Our experienced, qualified staff assures you of getting the right product for your application. We will sell and deliver the correct products in a timely manner. Deliveries are normally made within one to two days.

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Superior water filtration is critical to nearly any industry, whether the need is for filter cartridges to maintain existing filters or new water filters to clean and purify water for drinking or processing. Industrial water filters are essential to many processes and H&B Industries can provide the solution to your industrial water filter needs.
Any industry using compressed air must include air filters in the normal operation of their processes to protect equipment and products. Compressed air filters come in a variety of types and sizes designed to meet your specific requirements.
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