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Air Compressor Oil

Air Compressor Oil

The choice of air compressor oil variant depends on the type and construction of the compressor, the gas being compressed, the degree of compression and the final outlet temperature.

The piston compressors provide the highest gas pressures and are among the most difficult from the standpoint of cylinder lubrication. Hence, air compressor oil for these have to be chosen with utmost care. Then there are separate varieties for rotary compressors with final pressures below 1 mega Pascal (MPa), approximately 145 psi, which are less difficult to lubricate.


Again, rotary vane compressors require the use of antiwear oil because R&O oil is often insufficient for the crankcase splash lubrication of a reciprocating compressor.


Air Compressor Oil

To fulfill the requirements of all these different compressors H&B offer a varied range of air compressor oil range that are not only known for their superior quality but also for their affordability.
The H&B Industries air compressor oil varieties are known for lowering the operating temperatures to a great extent due to their low friction and good thermal conductivity. They are also known for their capacity to reduce corrosion, emulsion and foam with their special features.
Other additional benefits of using H&B Industries air compressor oil is that they are known to minimize sludge, varnish, and lacquer and also further clean the system components for efficient controlling of carbon build up.
Apart from that, our air compressor oil has passed the test of longevity and film strength. We keep a tab on the additives that are to be used along with the oils to enhance their overall performance for your benefit.
* We also take care not to sell air compressor oil after their operation time limit, as this may result in compressor breakdown.
Spec Sheets
Synthetic Lubricants
HB-1282 Syn-Lube Compressor Lube
Rotary Screw and Vane type Compressors
  • Viscosity grades of 32 and 46
  • Compatible with most seal materials
HB-1283 Syn-Lube Compressor Lube
Reciprocating Compressors
  • Diester fluids; Natural high degree of detergency;
  • Reduces oxidation due to better handling of heat
HB-1284 Syn Lube Compressor Lube

Reciprocating Compressors

  • Diester fluids; Extended service life of up to 10 times that of conventional petroleum oils.
Petroleum-based Lubricants
HB-1175 Universal Compressor Oil

Single-stage, double-stage, or multi-stage air compressors under a variety of conditions.

  • Blend of the highest quality solvent refined, paraffinic and naphthenic petroleum mineral oils and additives
  • Prevents rust and oxidation
  • Oxidation, corrosion, rust inhibitors and anti-foam agents

Lubricant Requirements, Properties and Maintenance for Natural Gas Compressors

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