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Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic Oils HB-1120 Uni-Torque Universal Torque Fluid

Hydraulic oil is used as "pressure fluid"

  • Most include rust & oxidation inhibitor

HB-1150 "HyGuard" hydraulic oil includes extra "anti-wear additives

HB-1120 "Uni-Torque" extends equipment life

  • Most tractors use one reservoir for hydraulics, gears & PTO
  • Meets and exceeds manufacturer specs
  • Crosses over to all equipment (tractors, trucks, fork lifts)_
  • Keeps seals lubricated
  • Includes anti-foam additives
  • Reduces line/hose breaks
  • Runs 30% to 40% cooler than hydraulic oil
  • Most line breaks happen because of excessive heat
  • Can help eliminate slipping transmissions
  • Can reduce leaks
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Construction, Mining, Drilling, Winches, Cranes, Draglines, Plant hydraulics, Gear boxes & Bearings, Deck & Cargo handling, Air compressors, Logging, Hydraulic Platforms
Available in various ISO grades - excellent low temp flow and high viscosity indices Maximum performance with no gumming or hardening of seals Special additives prevent rust formation Reduce fluid operating temps

Food Grade

U.S.D.A. H-1 and Kosher approved

Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid

Formulated specially for hydraulic systems operating in food service, beverage, and packaging industries