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Metal-Working Lubricants

Metal-Working Lubricants
  • Reduce wear and add long tool life
  • Provide superior surface finish and help maintain fine tolerance
  • Equipment failure or excessive downtime is reduced by effective lubrication products or practices 
  • Superior cooling and wetting properties that deliver longer tool and wheel life
  • Excellent lubricity and extreme pressure (EP) additives to provide superior surface finish on machined parts.
Spec Sheets
HB-1200 General Purpose Cutting Oil
Light duty, Carbon & alloy steels, nickel, monel, stainless
HB-1200 MSDS
HB-1210 Heavy Duty Cutting Oil

Medium to Hvy Dty; Minimize heat on hi-speed equipment

HB-1210 MSDS
HB-1215 Hvy Duty Ext Pressure Sulphur Cutting Oil

Extra heavy duty; Extreme pressure agents; EP additives

HB-1215 MSDS
HB-1220 Hvy Duty Soluble Coolant

Improved surface finish; Reduce fumes; Bacterial control

HB-1220 MSDS
HB-1225 Extreme Pressure Water Soluble Coolant

Mixes even with hard water; excellent cooling; High feeds

HB-1225 MSDS
HB-1230 Enviro-Sol Synthetic Cutting Fluid
Reduced pollution, high lubricity, easy cleanup, biodegradable, high cooling efficiency
HB-1230 MSDS

Lubricant Requirements, Properties and Maintenance for Natural Gas Compressors

George E. Totten, G.E. Totten & Associates, Inc. and Roland J. Bishop, Jr., Dow Chemical Company